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How to Stop Ficus Trees from Losing Leaves

Baby plant. ficus image by joanna wnuk from Fotolia.comFicus trees are popular indoor plants for homes, lobbies and offices. There are only a few requirements a ficus tree needs to be happy and keep its leaves. Understanding and providing these requirements should eliminate your ficus leaf drop.Keep your ficus in strong, intense light.
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How to Grow an Indoor Bonsai Tree

Bonsai 1 image by Melisback from Fotolia.comNo plant naturally lives indoors; therefore, indoor bonsai plants need specific accommodation. Understanding the needs of the plants is required to grow bonsai trees successfully indoors. Take bonsai trees outdoors occasionally, during warm weather.Provide fresh air and humidity to indoor bonsai trees.
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Home Remedies for Tomato Plants

Tomato plants image by JLycke from Fotolia.comTomatoes grow fast and often develop no insect or disease problems for their entire growing season. Luckily, safe and effective home remedies exist to address both insect pests and tomato diseases.Hand PickingYou can control tomato hornworms, snails and slugs and some other insects by picking them off by hand and squashing them.
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Breeds of dogs: Dutch Smoushound

Origin, classification and historical background Origin: Holland F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid dogs and Swiss cattle dogs Unfortunately, there is no documentation or in-depth studies on the origins of the Dutch Smoushond (Hollandse smoushond). We only know for sure today that it is an ancient breed.
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